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About Us

Hola everyone my name is Miguel Angel; I was born in Concepcion , Chile now a British citizen.

Since I was 21 years old I dreamt of visiting different places in the world. One of them was Brazil, from Santiago Chile to Porto Alegre Brazil by hitchhiking. I didn't know the language and had no one to speak to, but my intention was to study the language and enrol in a tourism course, and in the meantime to work . I lived for three years in Brazil and visited different places like Rio de Janeiro, Ubatuba , Santos , Guaruya , Foy de Iguaçu Belen, Curitiva , Paraguay , Uruguay , Argentina , Peru, Bolivia , Ecuador etc.

I went back to Concepcion Chile and opened my own business travel agency and tourist service (the name of the travel agency was 'Pawulska Tour').

After that I came to England for personal reasons (love). The weather here is hard to get used to. Sometimes in one day you can have the four seasons and then we need to brighten the spirit with colours which is my purpose in bringing the South American sunshine to my new country. British people are always talking about the weather. I want to bring the wonderful colours from Latin America. If you come to visit me I can speak to you in English, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish.

All of my products are handmade by local people. Now they can work all year around not just in summer like they used to. Behind this small business Sombrero Latin, there are more than 50 families in different countries like Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay. There will be more products in the future in Sombrero Latin. My intention is to bring more and more products to England and Europe and give a fair trade to these people from South America.