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You can currently find us at the markets below
(weather permitting)

Romsey town Square)
Unspecified locations (call or mail for details)
Check this site for updates on special locations (festivals).

Over the past few years I have been involved with the following events:

Burley 1st Sunday of each month
(at present not at this event)

Alton&agricultural Show 1 July 2012

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum:-

Autumn countryside show - 26,27 May 2012 and the forthcoming October
Rare Breeds show - 22
July , 2012
Festival of Steam - 18,19 A
ugost 2012, 'and the forthcoming October

Autumn countryside show -13,14 October 2012 and the forthcoming

Christmas Market - 17,18 November 2012

Military Exhibition and re-enactment, Horndean, Hants.

The Secret Garden, Milford, Godalming. Amazing Thailand.

Portsmouth Multicultural Festival, 4 September 1012 Castle Field, Southsea every year

Special Event, Didling, Hants.

Charity Rock Festival, Alford, Cranleigh, Surrey.

Craft Fair, Farm, Nr Petworth, Surrey.

We would be happy to be informed of any forthcoming events.
We may be able to support local charities or community events. We are always pleased to hear about anything that you think may be of interest.
Contact me by e-mail at